Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#NHS: Letter to a Tory MP about the health bill.

Subject: Health and Social Care Bill

Dear Mr Harrington

You are doubtless aware of the grave damage the enactment of the proposed Lansley legislation will do, not only to the NHS which is held in such affection and regard by the public at large, but also to the image and reputation of the Conservative Party.  The full impact of the destruction of the present NHS, still seeking to offer a patient-centred, coordinated and collaborative service, and its replacement with a disintegrated, competitive, market-driven parody of the dreadful US commercial system will be only too apparent when the next General Election comes around.

It is particularly revealing to me to note the Prime Minister’s treachery to an NHS to the superb performance of which he has so often and so fulsomely paid tribute in the past.  I have had the good fortune to spend the whole of my professional life working in what has been a morally rewarding organisation with the simple goal of doing as much good as was possible for the public it served.  Along with the great majority of my doctor and nurse colleagues I totally repudiate the government assertion, based upon zero evidence, that the provision of care for the sick and the prevention of disease in the community will be better driven by a business ethic with its commercial bottom line.

To me this Bill is a democratic deception which the government, without mandate, is inflicting on the British public.  You know full well, despite subsequent weasel words, that nothing of this sort was set before the public at the Election.  But it also an historical tragedy that, out of ideological spite, the destruction of a great and successful social enterprise will be the indelible legacy of your Party.

As my representative in Parliament, I call on you to oppose this act of politically inspired vandalism with all possible force

Yours sincerely

Harry Keen

Professor Harry Keen CBE MD FRCP
Unit for Metabolic Medicine
Diabetes & Endocrine Clinical Unit
rd floor, Southwark Wing
Guy’s Hospital Campus, KCL, London SE1 9RT