Monday, September 26, 2011

#CherryOrchard : Decision already causing old folk to give up on life and refuse food

A local campaign group has promised the fight has only just begun after a decision by Hampshire County Council has left them angry but determined.

On Friday, the authority chose to close the Cherry Orchard care home on Windsor Road.
Residents, friends, family members and others joined together to try and fight the plans - they came up with answers to all the Council's reasons as to why the home needed to close, but it proved not to be enough.

After the announcement decision maker Councillor Felicity Hindson was heckled with phrases like 'shame on you', ‘disgraceful' and ‘there'll be blood on your hands'.

But Sarah Evans who helps run the campaign group says they have a plan: "We have been preparing for some time for this day and basically what we'll now do is explore our legal options with a view to taking this decision further and taking it to court.

"What needs to be resolved is that if Hampshire County Council have made a flawed decision, if their decision is endangering the lives of people and their wellbeing and their health, that needs to be rectified." more