Sunday, September 4, 2011

#Dorries:The ‘Dr Death’ slur against Dr Evan Harris by Sunny Hundal.

The editor of ConservativeHome, Tim Montgomerie, likes to style himself as the leader of the moderate, conservative movement in the UK. But his nastiness is increasingly on show with the upcoming abortion vote.

For the past few days, his website has been referring to Dr Evan Harris as ‘Dr Death’ – picking up the slur frequently parroted by Nadine Dorries MP.

In his article for the Telegraph today, Tim Montgomerie repeats it again.

Keep this in mind: the ‘nickname’ isn’t widely at all, except by some internet commenters, and mostly by Nadine Dorries. Christina Odone did use it but as stopped as far as I can tell. The Daily Mail columnist Gerri Peev used it in the past but apparently apologised for it afterwards.

It was the Daily Mail that first made the slur prominent here.
That article refers to Dr Evan Harris as ‘Dr Death’, and to his Jewish origins...  article in full at Sunny's blog.