Friday, March 2, 2012

#TheGreenBenches :NHS - Nazi Regime -Cameron privately courted anti-NHS campaigner who likened NHS to Nazi regime.

Dr Helen Evans is an experienced and intelligent English nurse with more than 20 years experience, she obviously cares very passionately about healthcare as she has established a Nurses for Reform Group that campaigned vigorously to halt Obama's health reforms in the USA & who have also lobbied for the total privatisation of the NHS in the UK.  
Also, from what I can gather, Dr Evans had her own personal experience with the UK health system that gave her heartfelt reasons that she perceives to be justified in her opposing our NHS.
I ask you to respect this and bear it in mind as you read the piece.
 Dr Evans has evidently exceptionally strongly held views about the NHS which she puts very forcefully, but that is in a democracy her full and absolute right.
So, under no circumstances whatsoever are readers to take this article as in any way a personal attack on Dr Evans, or indeed a carte blanche to go and give her a hard time for her views.
If you are a democrat you will respect the right of her to have an opinion, or if you are unable to I would prefer it if you did not read my more