Saturday, October 1, 2011

#NHS : Ex MP 's War Monger Wife, Mrs. B-LIAR Stands To Gain From NHS Privatisation

The wife of the former Labour prime minister is one of the founders of a business planning to open private clinics in supermarkets.
Her choice of venture is likely to prove controversial among Labour supporters, who will today set out their opposition to greater private involvement in the health system.
Party members jeered at a mention of Tony Blair’s name earlier this week during Ed Miliband’s conference speech.
The company is thought to represent Mrs Blair’s first foray into commerce. It is approaching City financiers just as her husband’s business interests have come under renewed scrutiny.
Mrs Blair was thought to have concentrated on her legal career since he stood down as prime minister in 2007 but she now appears to be seeking to capitalise on Coalition plans to open parts of the NHS to more private sector involvement. more